EVP Everywhere

Do you make trust and estate or portfolio management software?

Do you want a way to easily and accurately price the securities in your portfolios, for IRS Form 706 Schedule B filing?

Do you want to price them from directly within your program, without imports or exports, or installing additional software?

Then you need...

EVP Everywhere provides EstateVal's comprehensive and accurate historical estate valuations for your program. Using standard data formats and transports, EVP Everywhere puts all the power of the industry-leading EstateVal directly into your application — raw prices, complete accruals, mean calculations with adjustments, dividends, mortgage-backed factors, foreign exchange rates, and more — and all you have to do is ask.

Subject Details
Request Format Representational State Transfer (REST), using XML or JSON bodies
Response Formats Extensible Markup Language (XML),
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON),
Portable Document Format (PDF),
Rich Text Format (RTF),
Plain Text (TXT), or
Microsoft Excel (XLSX)
Data Transport HTTPS, using an RSA 2048-bit certificate and SHA-256
Filesystem Encryption AES-256
Database Encryption AES-256
Authentication basic-auth using a Client Token and an Account Information Key
Root URL api.evpsys.com
Pricing Engine EstateVal 9.1.0
Infrastructure AWS-based multi-AZ redundant servers

If you'd like to join the EVP Everywhere developer program, get in touch with us at developer@evpsys.com, or check out the live site, at api.evpsys.com.